About Photographer


To be precise, I am a wildlife & Nature photographer since last twenty years.


I had my inclination towards wildlife especially birds, right from childhood. I used to feed the small birds in the vicinity of my home and was always enthusiastic to explore their beauty. The exuberant birds and mammals and magnificent nature has always been successful in diverting my attention to their splendor.


As my passion grew, I started visiting the lakes, Wetland and villages in the outskirts of my city. I carried with me a small binocular too. Gradually, I developed an interest in capturing the beauty of splendid fauna through the eye of my camera. This is how this ceaseless journey began. Subsequently, I started going through magazines and books on relevant topics. I have regularly visited National Parks, Bird’s Sanctuaries as well as good Zoos of India from photographic point of view. I have not taken any formal training of photography. I have developed my wildlife photography through trial & error method.


As I took the photographs, I also started sending them in photo competions and writing articles along with photographs, which were soon published in local newspapers. Then I enlarged my range and started sending them to reputed magazines & Journals at National level.


The names of some of the leading magazines of India where my articles & photographs have been published in Sanctuary & Cub, (wildlife & nature conservation magazines) Swagat & Namaskar, ( In fight magazines) Discover India & Rahi, (tourism magazines) Better photography ( photographic magazine) etc. as well as Calendars & Posters of W.W.F. India, Bombay Natural History Society, Reliance, Department of Forest & Tourism of India. After that I accosted people from printing & advertising fields and presented my work in front of them. They gave recognition to my work by publishing various posters and calendars.


I regularly visit National Parks, Bird’s Sanctuaries & Hill Stations in appropriate season, which is best to photograph a particular Mammal, Bird or Scenic Site. As I come to know about a place where Birds, Mammals or Nature could be photographed well, I immediately plan out a visit, missing no opportunity to enhance my collection.


Presently, as a freelance photographer I am deeply involved in Wildlife &  Nature Photography of India. Today, Wildlife photography remains no more to be just my hobby it is my infirmity now. I am thankful to my loving wife Madhu and helpful daughters Richa and Ruchi for being a source of constant support and encouragement. I organize Photographic Tours, Nature Trail, Slide Shows, Exhibitions & Lectures on Indian Wildlife in schools & different organizations with an appeal to -

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I have helped research scholars too, providing them with photographs. I write articles on various subjects of the Indian Wildlife especially from photographic point of view. I would be happy to do any good photographic assignment for the benefit  of Wildlife & Nature of India.

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