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In this web you can see only a selected pictures of smaller size due to the lack of space. To view all my pictures in larger form ( Full Screen ) you can purchase my CD . It is an interactive CD which is made through Flash software and can be loaded and viewed easily on any computer.

This CD contains around 1500 Images of Indian Wildlife and Nature that can be seen with background music of different rythmes of Indian Instruments. The demo version contains only one music due to space limitations of the web but original CD contains many varieties of melodious Indian music.

If you purchase it you can see the entire portfolio of my best pictures in much enlarged form (full screen). Apart from this you can also see a slide show of 10 minutes of the best100 pictures, which can also be used as a screensaver.

This CD is exclusively prepared for Stock Photo Agencies, Photo Researchers, Book Publishers, Magazine Editor, Greeting cards or Calendar’s Printers, Web/CD Developers and also for people concerned with advertising field. Apart from this, it can be also shown to children in educational institutions .It can also give pleasure to those people who keep interest in Wildlife & Nature.

The price of the CD is very affordable Rs.1200 (for India) and USD $50{abroad) including all charges of packaging, postage and forwarding. To place the order please fill the order form (purchase CD).

Purchase CD Download CD
Purchase CD Download CD

If you download the demo version of the CD it will give you an idea of it. This demo is of about 3 MB. Once you download the demo version and start viewing it, your mouse will become inactive during the runtime of the demo, since it is auto run.

Digital Prints

You can purchase the digital prints of any photograph on Web / CD .The print may be with or without white border. The print size can be from 8''X 12'' to 16'' X 20''. Very few photographs it can also be of 20'' X 30''.

For any other queries please contact us.

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